We motivate and energize people through strength and fitness, and inspire the younger generation to live healthy and successful lives. 

Be DISCIPLINED in your actions, be DEDICATED to the cause, and be DETERMINED to achieve your goals.


LOAD Strength Sports went from being an idea in early 2017 to reality in 2018. Our primary objective is to enable the strength athlete. To provide all the necessary components allowing the lifter to perform better, through better lifting gear, training smarter and developing an ironclad mind.

The LOAD Strength Sports team is made up of former strength athletes that are inspirational individuals, and have lived, breathed and slept strength sports. As former athletes we understand the lifters mindset, the passion, the drive, the want, and the belief. Experience has taught us that drive and staying true to your passion will deliver results. 

By staying true to our lifting roots our drive for creating something exceptional was born. We searched for the best materials available on the market, focused on quality and performance. After spending over a year on designs and testing the products we are proud to offer the world’s best support gear for lifters of all levels. On top of that we think the gear looks really cool too!

We endeavor to reach out to strength athletes, cross fitters, and the everyday gym goer. All you need to do is bring a “can do” attitude to the gym, and the quality of the gear will speak for itself. Lets work on getting stronger.


The pursuit of strength is a long journey, it requires an individual that has a steadfast mind, who will not accept defeat, and will get back up and move forward.  In our lives at some point we must face challenging times that can affect us both mentally and physically. Family problems, unhappiness in your job or business, or loosing somebody close to you, can all create a lot of negativity in your life. Any setback in your life must be met with a positive action, that will allow you to lift your spirits.  Through these tough times we must learn to overcome, be focused and remember why we started this journey to conquer strength. The strong always prevail.

At LOAD Strength Sports we want to develop a community for lifters who have the same mindset, to never give in, as mediocrity doesn’t exist. Let’s take this journey together and achieve your dreams no matter how farfetched they may seem just now.  Being exceptional is possible for you, stay D3 always.

What is D3?

We believe in the principles of D3, a good athlete must be DISCIPLINED, DEDICATED and DETERMINED. D3 is a state of mind that some people are born with or can be developed by surrounding yourself with positive and experienced people. We can all be better and do better in all aspects of our life. Our message to you is, be disciplined in your actions, be dedicated and dream big, and finally be determined to achieve your goals.

A D3 attitude will guarantee you success no matter what your goals are, short term or long term. Stick to your goals and achieve. In keeping with our core beliefs, our promise to you is that we will always put the requirements of the strength athlete first and provide only the highest quality and best performing lifting gear and sports apparel. LOAD Strength Sports will always work diligently and tirelessly to keep our customers 100% satisfied.

No matter what your goal, if you want to get stronger, get bigger, and are hungry for more, then you have come to the right place. Our aim is to build a positive community of athletes that will help each other get stronger and more efficient in their sport. There is no room for negativity, negativity can only result in failing to achieve.  

Lifting Gear – The Difference

We provide a complete line of support gear that would appeal to lifters of all levels. The gear will help you train and overcome plateaus and keep you injury free. 

A lot of time and effort goes into each product to ensure that it performs as expected, before it is delivered to our customers. The designs have been tried and tested in the gym by several athletes of all sizes and strength levels. Our products go through a rigorous development process before production begins. During the development phase we focus on ensuring the product is designed fit for purpose, durability, comfortability, and performs as expected. During this process if tweaks are required, the product will go through the design process again until we are satisfied that there are no design errors. Lastly, we try our best to bring a fun and exciting look, to your gym gear.

We stand behind our products and expect our customers will be extremely pleased with the performance, the quality, the comfort, and the styling. Therefore, we provide a one-year warranty on all lifting gear. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, however, if there is a defect in our product we will gladly replace the product at no charge. Please go to FAQs here for more information.

What are you waiting for? If you are ready to get stronger then try out our gear today, and be prepared to drive the bar with a resolute mind. Stay D3!

Sports Apparel 

At LOAD Strength Sports the apparel line is designed to be modern, energetic and fun while keeping quality at the forefront. Our guarantee to you “our customer” is that all clothing is quality checked before it is shipped. We want to make sure you are not only satisfied but really enjoy wearing the garments, and  will represent the brand with pride. Send us your selfies representing LOAD Strength Sports and we will upload onto our social media.


LOAD Strength Sports is committed to giving back to the community. That is why we have partnered with two major hospitals that are truly making a difference in the lives of children. As part of our giving back program, LOAD Strength Sports will give 10% of all sales to St Jude Children’s Hospital, and Shriners Hospital for Children.